Disability is that term used for a disabled person who has some kind of disability. Disability is a condition in the human body due to some medical or natural cause. Disability is may be physical, mental, intellectual, developmental or sensual. Mostly everyone is affected by the disability but for some it is permanent and for some it is temporary. Most of the family all over the world have a disabled person in their family after who they look after and give assistance to them for doing their daily chores.

Measuring Disability

The measuring disability keeps on varying across countries and influences its results too. International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) are the tool for measuring disability at various levels that are at both individual and population levels. ICF include within it all the health related domains and environmental factors in it. IFC is a WHO (World Health Organization) that was engrossed by all the 191 member states of the WHO in the 54th World health Assembly. IFC was set as an international standard for describing and measuring the disability of the disabled person.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. It works for the disabled persons and establishes a relation for monitoring both the mechanisms at both the international and national levels. At Nationals level the CRPD encourages every state who is the member to establish a new institution for the closer and accurate monitoring of the disabled persons. It promotes a closer look and monitoring the society at minute levels to bring out the disability at individual levels. States are obliged to follow the directions of the CRPD and to respect, to protect and to ensure the needs and enjoyment of the disabled persons. It looks after to protect, prevent and implement the human rights of the persons with disabilities; however, it is not an easy task because it cannot be achieved at both the levels until there is a contribution by the both of them.


Rehabilitation is the act of restoring a person from the former him. It includes within it all the acts that are performed by the organizations to look after the disabled persons. This reduces person’s problems and the impact of the range of their health conditions. The rehabilitations take place at several intervals and are either done by individuals or mostly by a team of rehabilitation workers.

The first step of rehabilitation is to identify the problems and needs of the disabled person and then to related that problems to modifiable and limiting factors. After which it includes defining the target problems and choosing appropriate measures to solve them. After selecting the appropriate measure for the solution of the problems of the disabled person it is to implement them and see the aftermath effects of those measures.

Providing the disabled with all the important things that would help them to live a normal life like the others, it is the main purpose of rehabilitation. Examples- Uganda had provided the disabled with the treatment of clubfoot that is a congenital deformity involving one or both the feet, Brazil simplified a rehabilitation program in a hospital in Sao Paulo, Physical assistance and rehabilitation were given to earthquake victims in 2001 in Gujarat, India. Comparing all the data sources IFC is the common framework to provide more interpretations. The focus area is to expand the education and training regarding the rehabilitation. It focuses on giving assistance to the disabled to participate the society.


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The main purpose is to ensure timely, correct affordable and high-quality rehabilitation to the disabled, consistent with the CRPD. The countries having middle and high income mainly focuses on the efficiency and effectiveness of the services given by the rehabilitation services. In the parallel, the low-income countries main focus areas should be on the introduction of the new methods and terminology for the rehabilitation of the disabled persons.

Education, Work, and Employment

The disabled persons either the adult or the children are treated differently from those who are not disabled. Those children who are disabled must have equal rights whether of quality education or their participation in the social and economic lives. From the time immemorial the disabled children have been sent to different schools but those schools have been very costly for the middle-income families.  Other than financial issues education system is also influenced by different issues.

It is to promote and improve the labour market opportunities for the disabled persons by providing them labour and passing different rules for them. The government would make them indulge in the services that would be beneficial for them and would be a source of earning for them and they could thus become dependent on their own self.




To overcome the disabilities that every disabled person faces here are some recommendations that are needed to promote the feeling of treating the disabled persons differently:

  • to enable access to all mainstream policies, systems and services.
  • Invest in specific programs and services for people with disabilities.
  • Adopt a national disability policy and plan of action.
  • Involve people with disabilities.
  • Improve human capacities.
  • Provide adequate funding and improve affordability.
  • Increase public awareness and understanding of disability
  • Improve disability data collection
  • Strengthen and support research on disability

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