DESCRIPTION (Stay hungry stay foolish)

Stay hungry stay foolish narrates the stories of 25 entrepreneurs, those are graduated from IIM Ahmedabad. These entrepreneurs chose the rough path to success instead of 9-5 job schedule.

This book is divided into Three parts which explain the various categories of these entrepreneurs:-

  1. The believers.
  2. The alternate vision
  3. The opportunists

These three categories follow the stories of different entrepreneurs. The believers introduce to a group which contains highly motivated people, who were confident with their actions and wasted no time in taking it. The opportunists contain those entrepreneurs who seized an opportunity but were of no intention to take entrepreneurial path. The third one is The Alternate vision these entrepreneurs hit the list because the started to fulfill some cause or aiming for social development. Their creative approach to success and having strong faith lead them to this path.Stay hungry stay foolish

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Features of this book:

  1. A catchy introduction in the starting of every story.
  2. Detailed information about their business arena, challenges and success stories.
  3. Various business areas like education, agriculture etc. are covered in this book.

Stay hungry stay foolish depicts that passion and dedication will definitely earn you success. This book introduces to the young and experienced entrepreneurs.

As stay hungry stay foolish says “ This book seeks to inspire young b-school graduates to look beyond placements and salaries. To believe in their dreams.”



This book justifies the title and is written beautifully. This book is mainly recommended to those who wanted to start a business and wanted a source of inspiration. Uniquely written, this book will surely help you out to find various problems related to your startup.


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